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How important is your website


Website design and layout is extremely important but the KEY FEATURE on your website, email marketing, social media pages, newsletters, blogs, articles and brochures is CONTENT.

If your content is not well written, does not flow correctly, or completely goes off topic your audience will easily become bored, or frustrated.


The overall success of your website is determined by its content therefore your content should be treated as your number one priority.  Not only to help get you a higher google ranking, using organic SEO derived rich-content writing techniques, but to keep your audience engaged and wanting more; wanting to purchase your products or use the services that you are offering.

Contact Fourth Hen Creative to find out how we can help to grow your small business.  We provide separate or package services including content writing, website creation, social media and website photography, social media management and administration assistance.

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Why should you hire a content writer?

Your content and imagery should be thought of as a main product of your business.  This is the first thing anyone needing your services is going to read and notice.  If there are spelling mistakes, poor grammar, substandard photography, or just un-entertaining virtual runoff - this will look unprofessional and you will potentially lose business. 


Fourth Hen Creative can provide your content for you using organic SEO friendly techniques to grow your ranking and your business, ensuring that your content is engaging and free from any form of plagiarism.  We also provide photography services to showcase the full potential in your products, services or yourself.


No matter what your business is about, or where you are located, Fourth Hen Creative Adelaide can help you.  We will work with you to gain a full understanding of your business and the direction of communication you wish to present to your target audience.  We utilise thorough research and copywriting techniques to ensure you have the optimum rich-content for your web copy or other marketing communication requirements.

Your content should be thought of as a major form of marketing for your business and sets the tone for what your clientele should expect from you.  If it is poorly written then expect poor business results.  

Hiring a content writer for your website or other business promotional materials can save you time and money, especially when it comes to organic Search Engine Optimisation to increase your chances of getting ahead of the competition. 

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Does your website need a regular blog or updated content?

Google and other search engines are ranking sites based on the quality and relevance of the website content.  Key word stuffing is never ok and you could find your site penalised because of this.  

Google and other search engines also love frequently changing, or updated, content.  The more that you can update your website with articles, blog posts or renewed content then the more that a search engine will visit your site.  This can greatly improve the opportunity for your website to rank higher organically.

A blog post, or updated content, on your website also provides a reason for returning visitors and builds trust and rapport with your target audience.

If you would like to have a blog on your website, need regular articles created, would like a re-fresh and re-write of your current content or need content created from scratch but you just don't have the time, or know where to start, then ask about our Fourth Hen Creative Adelaide content writer service.

We can also provide content for your newsletters, print copy requirements and business communications.