Why you should consider home staging when selling your property

Only 10% of prospective buyers can see the true potential of a home upon first glance…

Image via Wilson Real Estate in West Richmond, Adelaide (realestate.com)

Image via Wilson Real Estate, West Richmond,

Recently a maisonette for sale in Kurralta Park, Adelaide, went viral for all the wrong reasons. You may remember this as the ‘crazy cat and doll home’ which was featured over many media channels.

This property pictured in Kurralta Park was someone’s home, they loved it the way that it was and obviously much effort had gone into decorating this property to their taste. The home is clean and decorated as what I would consider to be ‘organised chaos’ and it did receive some negative publicity (they do say any publicity is good publicity though!)

When you look at the image can you see the potential of this home upon first glance?

To be honest, I personally find it hard to look past the décor; there is so much going on that it is actually mesmerising. I feel it makes you forget that you are trying to see yourself living in this home, even though you know that it will be completely empty when you move in.

Thankfully the team at Wilson Real Estate in West Richmond have done a fabulous job and this house is currently under offer! Meaning that someone was able to see this property for what it truly is and not get caught up in the current styling and loud colours – but will you be so lucky when selling your home?

As mentioned above - only 10% of prospective buyers can see the true potential of a home from viewing photographs or upon first inspection

This means that if your home is over-cluttered, is not well maintained, the furniture doesn’t fit well or is mismatched that 90% of people won’t be able to look past these imperfections. In turn, your house may be on the market for a lot longer, or you may have to settle for a lower offer than what you’d hoped for.

Even personal family photos in your home can turn a potential buyer off, and would you even think that if your home features numbers of any kind (e.g. on cushions or prints) that this too can be a downside to receiving an offer if the buyer is superstitious?

Your home needs to be visually appealing to a wide audience, you need to create a lifestyle and look that influences a person to want to buy your property. If you want to take the hassle out of preparing your home for sale, as well as greatly increase your chances for a quick sale at maximum return, then you should consider home staging.

What is home staging, or property styling?

Home staging can greatly increase the value of offers received for your property, invite more potential buyers to want to inspect and drastically reduce the amount of time that your home is on the market. Home staging is not just for the rich and famous, or for multi-million dollar mansions, property styling should be considered for any home, big or small, and is suited to any budget.

A home stager has the ability to view your home from a buyers perspective and provide expert advice on items that should be removed to de-clutter the property, or advise on items that may distract a potential buyer. They can also offer advice on any light renovation works that could be of advantage to you, such as painting a room or removing old carpet, to increase the property value.

Your current furniture or accessories may be bringing down the potential of your home, from a buyers perspective, although you love a certain item it may not be to a buyers taste and could turn them off making an offer, or prompt them to make a low offer.

A home stager can provide you with a complete, or partial, customised furniture hire package and style your home in modern and neutral decor maximising the space and light of each area. Humans are visual beings and showcasing a property to its full potential will emotionally connect to a much wider range of buyers.

Pre-sale property styling from 7th Avenue Projects Adelaide

Pre-sale property styling picture from 7th Avenue Projects

Does an empty home for sale leave more to the imagination?

No! Although a vacant property is much better than an over-cluttered home it still provides the issue of the buyer not being able to truly imagine how the home could be decorated with their own furniture, or if a certain bed or lounge will fit in the allocated space etc. and leaves the buyer feeling flat with little to go by.

A staged home provides a glimpse into how the property could be decorated, maximising space and light with neutral furnishings and tasteful decorations appealing to a wide audience.

A furnished home always photographs much better than an unfurnished home which also attracts more interest and provides an added security feature while your property is being listed.

There really is so much to consider when selling your home for you to obtain the maximum return on investment. Here is where home staging can help you transform your property into a buyers delight.

How effective is property styling, really?

To be honest, I didn’t really consider the importance of home staging (or property styling) before I met Adelaide interior designer Ann Tregoning from 7th Avenue Projects, who was also recently featured as one of Adelaide’s up and coming designers on realestate.com

Ann has over 18 years’ experience incorporating interior/exterior design and decoration, property styling, home renovations through to complete home builds and project management and has recently opened her own boutique interior design firm in Adelaide – 7th Avenue Projects.

I think her work speaks for itself just from this one before and after picture below. The before and after images do include light renovation works as well as pre-sale property styling.

To see more of her styled properties visit www.7thavenueprojects.com.au or her Instagram account.

If you’re considering selling your home then you should consider hiring a home stager!

Most home stagers will provide you with an initial consultation which will allow you to see if their service is right for you and your property. They will then provide you with a quote for pre-sale home styling furniture hire and staging/decoration services customised to suit your property.


  • Choose your home stager wisely – this should be classed as an investment towards selling your home. Choosing solely on the cheapest price is not always the best option in this case. I recommend researching the style of your home stager, which can easily be done via their websites or social media platforms, to ensure that you will be happy with the final outcomes that they produce. It is important to see if they can do more than one look as that one look might not suit every house!

  • Should your home require more services that just property styling (e.g. light renovation works) look for a home staging service that also caters in interior design, renovation, lighting and landscaping. This will save you time and money down the track as they can provide expert advice in all areas and usually work with a team of trusted tradesmen to provide you with competitive quotes.

Light renovations & pre-sale property styling before & after pictures from 7th Avenue Projects

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