Adelaide’s Newest Street Art – Bringing the city to life

Adelaide has had an explosion of street art recently, with vivid murals being painted in the hidden, once drab laneways and upon bare walls – splashing colour and life into the great city.

And thanks to the talented artist, Sarah Boese, there’s now a new mural adorning the walls of the Box Factory Community Centre located at 59 Regent St South, Adelaide.

Sarah Boese has once again swapped the canvas and brushes for cans of aerosol paints (approximately seventy cans in all) to create a two-storey work of art portraying the famous Pandora opening her box.

mural of Pandoras Box by artist Sarah Boese

Image credit: Sarah Boese Facebook

Hold on…why is Pandora opening her box in Adelaide?

Okay, so Greek mythological legend has it (and long story short) that Zeus, the king of the Gods, decided to be a bit of an A-hole one day and gave Pandora a box (originally a jar) and told her that under no circumstance should she ever open it.

Of course, curiosity killed the cat and Pandora opened the box which unleashed sickness, death, evil and hatred into the world. Oops. So she quickly closed the box.

Unsure what to do next, and feeling pretty bad about what she’d done, Pandora decided to open the box once more. Lucky that she did as there was one thing left inside the box that wasn’t first released – Hope.

It was the hope that helped mankind gain the strength needed to overcome the evils unleashed and to rise and succeed.

The curiosity, hope, positivity, and resilience of our community is what is depicted in this incredible street art mural of Pandora’s Box in Adelaide.

Also shown within the artwork are references of Adelaide’s Aboriginal culture, Adelaide Park Lands animals and recognition to the UNESCO City of Music.

The scene took over ninety hours to complete and looks downright incredible. Make sure you pop over and take a look. You can see more of Sarah Boese’s mural work here.

“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”

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