Adventure Rooms Adelaide

The Adventure Rooms Adelaide

Can you escape in time?

An absolutely amazing experience that should be had by all!

So I came across Adventure Rooms Adelaide while scrolling through Instagram one day and got so excited I almost pee’d my pants…almost!

I had seen a similar concept in Melbourne and couldn’t wait to try it out on my next Melbourne trip (whenever that might happen) – but now I didn’t have to! I could experience it right here, in good ol’ Adelaide.

So, apparently the Adventure Rooms have been in Adelaide since 2015, but my social life is not what it used to be now that I have two young ones running around. I’m just glad that I finally found out about it and think the word still needs to be spread.

What are the Adventure Rooms?

The six of our friends that I had organised to try the rooms all had different ideas of what they were in for. It’s all a bit of a mystery, due to concept you really can’t give too much away as it will just ruin the experience.

One friend was expecting it to be like the SAW movies…would Jigsaw be watching us while we sawed off our body parts to break free and escape?

No. It’s OK, I guarantee that all of your body parts will stay intact while you battle the obstacles to escape the room within your 1 hour time limit.

The Adventure Rooms are a game of skill, creativity and team work; finding hidden objects and working out puzzles and clues to free yourselves before the time on the clock runs out. There are currently three rooms to choose from: The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen and Gaol Break. We decided to battle The Black Queen and here’s a little info for you:

Game on mole…I mean Queenie….

The game is a mental challenge, not a physical one so if you find yourself lifting up chairs in an effort to find an obscure clue then you are on the wrong path….back away from the chair, take a breath and re-think your thought process!

If you have a freak out and desperately need to escape the room before your time limit is up – there’s no need to panic – there is an exit door if you really need it (chicken!).

You’re not locked in there forever. If you don’t make it free within the 1 hour limit the host will let you out…you will not perish and die in the room – other people want a turn too!

Finally it is time for us to enter the Black Queen’s castle. We are led through the black curtain into a dimly lit corridor and then we enter one of the doors within. Inside this door is a small room, the six of us are asked to stand in a circle and to put our arms out in front of us. We are then asked if we are opposed to handcuffs….ummmm? What? Maybe my friend was right in her thoughts about SAW?

And from here I will be vague as if I tell you anymore I will have to kill you! I will tell you that we had an absolute BLAST. Our group of six worked together a lot better than I could have ever imagined especially as we were such a diverse mix of people in our everyday careers. We worked together and bounced ideas off each other to overcome each obstacle.

To see the different ways that people think and how each of us contributed to the overall outcome was exciting and truly pushed our mental limits. There were times when we were completely stuck. But we never gave up, everyone played their part to a tee and there was a mixture of tension, excitement and exhilaration throughout. With less than 30 seconds to spare on the clock we ESCAPED!

Those final moments were an absolute rush, we all thought we were done for, we all thought the Black Queen had defeated us. But then we did it! We had the final key – it didn’t help that one of us was so excited that they wasted time holding up the key screaming euphorically ‘I’ve got the key, I’ve got the key!’ (Insert eye roll here!)

Thankfully my quick thinking hubby wrestled the key from their hands in time to be able open the door to our freedom!


The six of us came bursting through that door in a stampede with a tangle of high fives and fist pumps – whooping with joy!

We look over to see a different group of people come out of another door…there were no high fives happening over there….they, sadly, didn’t get out of their room in time (which, secretly, made us feel even better about our triumph!)

The Adventure Rooms Adelaide.  Black Queen.


Here’s the thing – IT’s NOT EASY! Don’t go in there with false hope thinking it’s going to be a breeze. Only 30% of groups actually escape these rooms (high five again to us, he he).

But – IT IS FUN! If we hadn’t defeated old Queenie then we certainly would have been back to battle her again! But now we are all looking forward to trying out the next two rooms together. We are officially Adventure Room junkies.

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