Was Hahndorf once home to witches?

Legend tells that Hahndorf, Australia's oldest surviving German settlement, was once inhabited by two witches.

two frightened girls hiding behind a tree in a spooky forest looking at a home made out of a large boot which could be home to the Hahndorf witches

According to the stories, there were two witches living in Hahndorf in the 1940s – the Black Witch and the White Witch.

It's implied that the Black Witch, who lived on Victoria Street, was the evilest of the two. Even the wind must have been scared, as it never blew over her house.

The locals were known to cover up any sores on their bodies if she ever flew over their homes. This was to stop her evil from sneaking its way inside of them.

The White Witch, a herbalist, resided on Main Street. The locals would attempt to go to her for help to lift spells cast by the Black Witch - which was common when their cows would become sick.

Although the White Witch was somewhat friendlier than her rival, the town’s residents were still petrified of both women. The locals would try to ward off the witches’ evil magic by wearing their clothes inside out, planting bay trees outside of their homes, and wearing red ribbons tied around their necks.

The two Hahndorf witches are portrayed in the mural painted upon the walls in the front bar of the historic German Arms Hotel (which is a great place to grab a good meal and sample some German beer while you're there!).

Have you heard of the Hahndorf Witches? Do you believe?

‘Ding-Dong the witch is dead….or is she?’

#uniquecityseek #hahndorf #hahndorfwitches

#Hahndorf #Hahndorfwitches

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